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Rubik’s Pattens

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There are many Skewb mods: Skewb Diamond (photo) where the corners become centers, the Pillowed mod, the Ultimate Skewb where you have to orient every piece, but there are dodecahedron shaped mods, and Siamese Skewbs, and the list goes on.

It's highly recommended to buy a Skewb because it's an easier WCA cube, they usually have a great quality with clicking mechanism and it makes a great collection piece.

Solution Guide

In this solving method we are using the classic FRU Rubik's Cube notation but in this case the letters mark the corners instead of the faces. We assign the letter F, R, L, B, U to the corners of the cube as seen on the image. A letter by itself means a clockwise ↻ rotation and an apostrophe marks a anticlockwise ↺ turn. The Skewb being a Pyraminx mod a turn of a corner means a 1/3 (120o) rotation. 

skewb notation

Hold the puzzle in our hands with the corners facing you!

1. Solving the first face

Try to bring the matching corners aroun a center piece. Use this stage to familiarize with the puzzle and try to do this without reading any help and algorithms. This step is similar to solving the corners on the first layer of the Rubik's Cube so knowing that is a big advantage. 

When three of the four corners are solved but the last one is oriented wrong use one of the algorithms below to rotate the highlighted piece. This algorithm won't harm the solved pieces on the top of the cube, marked with arrows.

skewb rotate FLU piece

Clockwise ↻: F R F' R'
Coutnterclockwise ↺ (direction on the image): F' L' F L 

finished first face

You should see a complete face at the end of this step. Note that the color of the top corners on the sides match, but it's not important to fit to the side center pieces yet. Unsolved pieces are marked with grey stickers.

2. Cycle the centers

Now that the first face is done, we have to put all the remaining 5 centers to the right place. To do that we can use an algorithm to cycle 3 centers around a bottom corner. Take the cube in your hand so the solved face is up and do the following as many times as necessary.

cycle centres

Rotate around F clockwise ↻: L B L' B' - R' B' R B

Around F counterclockwise ↺: R' B' R B - L B L' B'

3. Solve the remaining 4 corners

Here's a simple algorithm which rotates the bottom corners of the Skewb. It turns the two corners on the right counterclockwise ↺ and the ones in the left clockwise ↻.

Hold the puzzle with the solved side facing up. If there are two bottom corners that have both the color of the bottom center piece on the same lateral side of the cube (orange headlights on the image), then move that face to the front-right side and do the algorithm below. If you can't find two such pieces then do the same algorithm until you can see one.

finishing last layer corners

L' F L F' - L' F L F'





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