Shipping Policy

How do we Deliver?

We process all deliveries through:

  • Reputed couriers
  • We are working on to our own in house delivery system and where and when we will start that it will be the best in Business. But, depending on the present circumstances, we predict that it might take a while. 

How much are the delivery charges?

The Delivery Charge might vary depending on the courier/postal service. It's usually cheaper with the Bangladesh Postal Service. We try to deliver products though trusted delivery services providers of this country. And the charge of delivery depends on number of faction which includes the size of product/s, weight of the product/s, location of the delivery address, time the delivery service provider takes to deliver the product etc. You will get an option on the checkout page to choose your delivery option and the fees will be shown there. 

Note: This may also vary from product to product

What is the estimated delivery time?

The estimated time of delivery for Order inside Dhaka city up to 3 Working day & for outside Dhaka up to 5 working days. But, often it may take up to 21 days to deliver an ordered product. On special circumstances, it may even take up to 3 months. It depends on the specific product and each product might have separate approximate time of delivery. We will not keep you in mystery about the possible time of delivery. We will inform you the approximate time of delivery before we confirm your order and accept payment from you.


  • Any order placed after 6 pm will be considered as order of next business day, not as same day.

  • Business Day: Saturday to Thursday except public holidays. But, we will try our best to give you support on public holidays as well. It's just, don't count on that.

Do we deliver internationally?

We deliver items internationally. You are more than welcome to make your purchases on our site from anywhere in the world and we will be happy to deliver you the ordered product as long as you are willing to pay the full delivery charge and agree few extra terms and conditions. 

Do you have any other queries? Feel free to Contact with us