“Where r we going?”
He smiles but don’t reply.
“Why we are going up?!” She asks again “We are going to the canteen?”
-Why not? I have to return u before dark. Remember? ~ He smiles.
-oh. ok. ~ She gives a fake smile and a little surprised
“Wait. We just crossed the canteen floor. … ” She looks at him with an expectation of answer.
-Few more seconds and we will be there.

She took her at the roof of the building. Its a sunny day. A table is already set nicely. Few trees around. A big umbrella on it to shed the sun. She looks so happily shocked.
-WOW. U done this all!!
-Nope. Just the idea was mine.
-Very nice arrangement!!
From somewhere a nice nosegay/bouquet (Couple of flowers together) arises in her hand.
-And these are for u.
-wow. These r so lovely.
-Thank u. … … Shall we? ~ He points his hand to the table.
-Can’t wait.

He helps his date to take her sit. Then takes it own.
-Can’t believe it. I was not at all expecting these.
-Then I guess my effort is successful.

One man comes with a trolley with some plate covered with bowl.

(Some name of some main course and desert might be added here)

(Conversation during having Desert)
They are having chocolate cake.
-ooo God, Love this.
-That’s what I thought.
-Yes. I thought a lovely woman like you must like something chocolaty and Chocolate cake came to my mind first.
-How Sweet.
-you know i always thanks God for creating Chocolate.
-Me too. I also thanks God for giving people tongue and belly.
-‘cos without tongue we would not be able to taste anything and without belly we would not get hungry.
-haha. Nice logic.

A woman gets in with a empty trolley to clear out the table. One by one she takes everything. They keep talking.
The woman leaves with the trolley. She takes it through the lift and go straight to the canteen’s clearing room.
-you are signing out now?
-Right after cleaning this.

She clears everything one by one quickly.
-I m getting tired of this shits. ~She speaks to herself in a low voice.

After cleaning it she takes a paper of her agency to the manager to sign it. The manager takes a look at the paper and sign it. “U coming tomorrow?” The manager asks her.
-If you need me?
-You know I need you?
-Not for that. ~ She smiles.
-oh come on. I am old does not mean I do not have a heart.
She gives him a fake smile “Gotta go. I have to make dinner for the kids”
She leaves quick. Takes a bus to home. Rush hour, so no sit left. It takes a quite a bit time to get to her home.

At home she found her youngest son running around the couch and immediate elder was lying on the couch and watching TV. The whole room is messed up. Her youngest daughter (but elder than her two youngest son’s) was picking up the laundry.
“Now you r doing it?!” she ask her.
-I just came back home.

While her daughter was leaving the room “freeze is empty, mom”.
“who know that better than me” she reply to herself and goes to her room to change quick ‘cos she have to cook for the kids. So, she change quick and directly come to the kitchen. She is thinking to make something with potato.
“i m going out, mom. I will stay at k’s house tonight.” Her second oldest son leaves the house.
“Finally a good news. At least someone will have something better tonight” She says to herself again.
She make some smashed potato and some scrambled egg. She brings it to the table and calls everyone to join her. Everyone presented in the table by the time she comes back from cleaning her hand.
“ What u guys wait for?! Do I have have to serve u people now?!” She speaks a loud.
“ok, I m serving” her youngest daughter steps up.

She take some on her plate and leaves for turning off the tap hard enough ‘cos it was dripping drop by drop and was making annoying noises. When she comes back she found her kids sitting on the chair without eating anything.
“What? Its not up to ur standard? U r expecting more?” she yells in a low voice
“no mom. Priest told us to pray to god before every meal, remember?” her youngest daughter replies.
-oh. ok. Sorry. So, who wants to take the lead?
-Since today is the first, u do it.
-uh. ok. Then lets put our hand together. ( everybody take a position like they are paying with eyes close. )
“dear lord, I mean, r u really kidding me” she starts. Everybody looks at their mom with a surprising face. But their mom continues. -first u sent human to earth from heaven as punishment. Wasn’t that enough punishment? U really had to give people hunger? So that they can keep busy fighting managing their meal? So that they can … …”
-mom. ~ her daughter interrupts.
Her mom looks at her. “ok, I m summing up” “anyway, since we have to be grateful to u no matter what, I m grateful to u for our potato today. Amen”
-mom, u forgot to mention the egg (her youngest son corrects her mother)
-opps. Sorry. Yes, and for the egg. (she looks at him making big eyes and a little anger voice while saying this)
She starts eating right away.
-mom, ur phone is ringing.
-Great. Exactly what I need now. (She is being sarcastic)
She leaves the table and pick up the phone.
“oh, ya ya. I m free. Text me the address. I will be there in time.”
“Its from the agency. I have to leave now. H, u look after the kids, ok”
“ok” her youngest daughter replies.
She finish her meal as quick as she can and gets ready quickly for her work. Takes a bag on her solder, pick up the keys and leave.

“you two. Stay on the couch. Watch TV or whatever. But no running around the house” youngest daughter says like she is giving order. “i m coming back after finishing the laundry” saying this she leaves the room to laundry room. Someone knocks the door at this time. The youngest looks at his brother. “why u r looking at me? U go, check who is this?” immediate elder brother replies. But youngest brother keeps staring at the TV.
“Don’t worry. I m getting the door.” their sister says to them. First she checks through the peek whole. Its the priest. After opening the door the priest starts talking without letting her say anything. “Hey, is ur mom at home. I m sorry. I m suppose to come tomorrow. But I have to be somewhere else tomorrow and I might not be able to visit u. so thought I can try it today. I mean, I was on my way home….”
“mom is not home now.” she interrupts.
-Oh. Umm. ok. Then I will try to come tomorrow again. A promise is a promise.
-ok. But there is no guarantee that she will be at home.
-Well, still I will try… Bye

The priest leaves the house. He is walking to his house. Its not much far. Loud music coming from a house other side of the road. The shadow of people dancing in side can seen throw the window. Though he have something important to do in the morning and he was planning to go to bed early but he thought it won’t do much harm if stops by this house. After all, they need him. So, he crosses the road and head to that house. But right after putting his first step in the yard of that house a voice from a mike came out “Don’t even think about it”. He stops right away. He turns around and says to himself “maybe my tomorrows appointment is more important” and keeps walking to his house.

After reaching his house he changes his wearing first. Then have some food. While he tried to clean the dishes he finds out that no water is coming from the tap. He hits the tap few times. But no result. So, he leaves it right there and thought first thing on the morning is going to the landlord to tell to fix this. And without making much delay he goes to his room to sleep. He set his clock early in the morning to ring; put that on the table right beside his bed; lays on the bed; put a thin duvet on him and goes to sleep.

The clock start ticking on right time. Without making any delay the priest wakes up from bed. He goes to wash room with a sloppy steps. After doing few morning thing he opens the tap of the wash room. But, no water. “wow”. He quickly checks the tap of the shower. Again, no water. “wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I can’t start my day without taking shower” he is speaking to himself. He grabs a dress quickly and head to his landlord who lives upstairs at the second floor. It too early in the morning. Very unlikely anybody will come right after he rings the bell. So, he takes a long breath, press the bell and keeps waiting looking at his sandal. Few minutes later a man opens up the door.
Without letting him to talk the priest start talking “Hi, I m very sorry to disturb u now but none of my tap is working. I have to go out soon and I can not start my day without taking shower.”
-ok. But I have to call a plumber to fix it and u know it not a good time to call them.
-oh, ya. ok. I understand. Umm, where is Mr. Q. Can I talk to him for a minute.
-Sorry. They are sleeping and I can’t wake them up.
-umm. ok. Then I better stop by on my way back home.
-That might be good idea.
The priest leaves quickly.

“Who was it?” Mr. Q asks it from bed.
-The priest from the downstairs.

-Can u please wake up and see what he wants? (Mr. Q asks his wife)
-Why I have to wake up now?! Why not u?!!
-u know why!
His wife leaves the bed and goes to the attached wash room.
-Hey, I as well was part of it!
-Yah. But I had to move my butt up and down, not u!
His wife keeps coming to the room and going back the wash room.
-Oh.. And on whom u did that??
-So? … Moving butt that fast requires hard work.
-Yah, Right. (she sounds sarcastic)
-Can u please stop it now?
-Why? U r hard working?
-I don’t know why I even bother to argue with u!
-Maybe ‘cos u always try to show lame excuses.
-u r unbelievable. Can’t u even stop for few minutes?!!!
-Hellooo, woman here … … and pregnant.
-What?!! … … … …

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