The cycling machine is in the same room. She start her exercise after turning the tv on. A news channel. A documentary is being aired regarding the kids don’t have food at all and becoming living skeleton in south African countries. The house servant was hovering the living room.
“Do u exercise G”- Mrs. x ask her made.
-Noh. Not at all. Where is the time for it.
-u diet?
“Can’t have time for that either.” G replied with a smiley face.
“So unfair!!” Mrs. x mumbles to herself.
-Tell me about it. But I m happy. ~ G smiled again.
-No, no. I was not talking about that. But, yaa. U should have some time for urself.
G holds for a second. Looks at Mrs. x. Smiles and leaves the room.

Mrs. x gives her concentration on the documentary again. “Gosh!! They got no food, no house, no cloth. From where they got their energy to have sex! … … …” She shake her head a little “I gotta change my life vision”.

After few seconds G comes into the living room. “Mrs. x, I need to leave early today. I will do the laundry tomorrow”
“ok. But please don’t make it day after tomorrow.”
-ok. Umm, If its ok Mrs. x, can I borrow few bucks from u. My son needs some notebook for his school.
-ok. How much?
-Around $50.
-ok. Give me two minutes. I m coming.
-Thanks a lot Mrs. x.
-ur son, he is 10, isn’t he?
-oh. Nice age.
… … … … …
… … … … …
… … … … …

G left the house. She takes a bus. No sit available. She is heading to the school. It takes almost half an hour for her to reach to the school. She find his son sitting on a chair in front of the school.
-Hey honey. Am I too late?
-What happen? Why so moody? Where is your father?
“He is talking to B’s mom over there” Son points his head to a direction.
G walks to that direction. She over heard her husband’s voice. “ I m working like a donkey everyday to support my family. But I don’t think I m being appreciated.” “yaa, some women are like that” B’s mom replies. They were sitting on a root of a big tree. Suddenly seeing his wife G’s husband stands up and says “Hey honey. I was waiting for you. So, Mrs. C and I was just having a chat. I was telling her how much you have been doing for our family”
“I am sure u were. But, your son is sitting over there alone and I am in a hurry. ” – G tried to avoid to get into their conversation. She doesn’t have much interest in that.
G’s husband said goodbye to Mrs. C and walked with his wife to their son.
“By the way, I have to be present at the office during the school ending hour. Can you please pick him up?”- G’s Husband
-No way. I m very busy today. And I must be at the council office today. God knows how much time It would take there.
-Then I better keep him with me. He do not need to school today.
-He needs his classes!
-Come on. It’s just one day. Relax.
-okay. Then you get him with you. Sorry, I have to leave now. come back home quick.
-Do you have something in your mind?
“Maybe” G give him a wink. “You know, my sun only rises for you, honey!”
G’s Husband shows fake anger hearing that.
“Honey, your dad and I are both busy today. You have to skip the school for today.” – G said that to her son.
-Cool. Wish you both were busy yesterday too!
-Anyway. You are going to be with your dad today.
G turns to her husband. “Here is $20. Buy some notebook for him on the way back to home.”
-I gotta run.
-okay. Take care.
-you too.

G almost runs to the bus stop. H’s dad (name of the son) keeps looking at that standing and keeping his hand in the pocket.
-So…. I do not have much hurry. Lets walk to the office.
They started waking towards the office
-Dad, I know you are trying to save the bus money.
-I am only saving it for you sweetie.
-I know you will drink with that money.
-No, I won’t!!
-Dad, you are not a good liar.
“How dare u call me a liar..” H’s dad makes a fake anger voice.
-Ya dad. U r not good with that fake anger thing either.
Dad laughs.
-ok. Maybe u r right. … U don’t like me drinking?
-Its completely upto u. And When u r drunk, u don’t beats me. So, I don’t care.
-yes, sweetie.
-Can u stop drinking?
-U just said u don’t care.
-Ya. But mom really hates it when u get drunk. She seems really scared sometimes.
-ok. Ur concern duly noted.
-Can I get ice cream too?

H is sitting on a chair. His father is a clerk of this office. He is thinking what he can do now to spend the time. There are a lot of paper books across the room left on the floor. Seems one copy of the book is on the table. People are passing by. A lady next table is putting papers in envelops.
“What r those?” He asks. “News letters. U want one?” She answers. He shake his head like ‘No’ and smile. She smiles him back. He started looking around again. A man is making some photocopy nearly. Someone threw some paper in paper bin rolling them like a ball. The bin is right next to his chair. He picked up one and opened it. Someone tried to write a poem in it. But could not. Only three lines.

Tring Tring Tring Tring
My phone ring
La la la

H picks up another one. Same story. Another peom.

Raining on the sky
Bishum Bishum Bishum
It is black outside
You are my beside

Its getting interesting. H picks up another one.

This is dark night.
I am watching Twilight
Spider-man up next
oh, Wait, someone send me a Text
wow, She is free tonight
And Wants to go out for a bite!!
woho. I wasn’t expecting this.
Feeling a lovely cool breeze 😉
Oh God, what should I wear
Wait, wait. I yet haven’t replied her!
… … ,,, … ,,, … ,,, …

“Hello boy. You like it?”
-Yes!! Pretty funny writing
-i Wrote them.
-By funny I meant Amazingly romantic.
-Really?? You think so?
-Believe me sir. I know what I am talking about. Very classic.
-You read poem?

“L, O is calling you. He said its argent” Someone shouts. “on my way” The poet replied. “Finally I got someone who was appreciating my work but …. I m coming in a sec” He leaves quick.

Someone comes to his desk and put around 20 spiral binding book on the desk and left. H pics up one and see what it is about. He don’t understand. He pics up another one. Just another copy of the same book. He took another one. Same thing. He got a little surprised. They printed only side. What a wast. He is in need of a notebook for over a week but these people are wasting paper like this!

He focus on the paper again.
“U must be D’s son” a woman comes and sit on the main chair of the desk.
-Yes mam.
-D never told us he have cute son like u. U want to eat or drink something?
-No, thank u mam.
-These are for the meeting today. Its going to get pretty intense.
“What are these?” She picks up a paper H got from the paper bin.
-I got those In the Bin.
“wow” She laughs
-This is L’s desk. He must have wrote this. I did not know he tries this.
She stand up holding the paper. “your father will come back soon. If you want you can come to the common room and watch TV. The common room is on that way. Ask anyone. They can show it to you.”
“ok mam.” H smiles. The lady walks into a room.

“Busy?”She ask the woman of this room.
-Not really. Got bored reading this shit.
-I have something u might like to read.
-I really have doubt.
She gives her the poem written paper.
“wow. Who wrote it?!” She smiles loudly.
-I m assuming ur BF. It was found in the trash of his desk.
-Nice! I did not know he is a poet!
-From this u r calling him a poet!!
-Well, not a good one. And its so cute, isn’t it?
-Very cute. ~She sound a little sarcastic.
-Yaa, think so.
-R u two really getting serious?
-I m little bit serious. I m not sure about him. I mean, he said so many things. But, u know guys. They might be laying beside u..saying nice things to u.. but actually there is a good possibility they are thinking of the new girl they meet at a bar.
-You think he is like that?
-How would I know!! Its not easy to find out.
-We have a lunch date today.
-Today? U r not going to attend the meeting?
-Meeting cancelled until next week.

“u ready?” L put his head inside the room and ask his date.
-I m starving.
“Mind if I borrow ur friend for few minutes?” He looks to the other lady of the room and ask.
“Not at all. But please return her safe and before it gets dark” She smiles.
“Haha. No way!” His reply. “So, me lady” He focus on his date and make a room in his arm so that she can put her arm inside it and make a cross. (I really have no idea how to describe it but hope the I way I described is understandable).
They goes to the lift like this.

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